The Juno Letters - kindle ebook by L.W. Hewitt

A good historical novel blurs the line between reality and fiction. I
write within a historical background that is thoroughly documented,
then select specific events that are only marginally understood. My
characters act as the leading players to create a plausible story that
masquerades as fact. It is great fun!

My readers agree - here are parts of reader reviews on Amazon:

"I am a history buff and read more than a fair amount of military
tomes. This book hit both areas with precision... I couldn't put it
down and finished it in one day. I'm sure we will see more from this
author in the future. I wish I had his discipline in doing research."

"It was difficult to separate fact from fiction until I realized that
it was fiction with just enough fact to make it extremely believable."

"The author wove a great story through many twists and turns. Highly
recommend this book."

The Juno Letters was inspired by the journals my grandfather kept
during World War I as a young, naive doughboy from Rockford Illinois.
After his experience in the Great War, "Andy" Anderson became a
chaplain instead of an engineer - fact. His experience in France in
1918 leads to a remarkable friendship with a German prisoner of French
descent who becomes lost in the chaos and tragedy leading to World War
II - fiction.

The Juno Letters explores the personal tragedy of war by following the
lives of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary circumstances. It
is a story of love and commitment, of honor and personal courage, of
promises kept.

I hope you love my characters as much as I.