The Keys To Ascension - kindle ebook by Allfaaraa and Shawn Clark

Do you know who and what you are? Do you know where you came from and
where you are going?

What you are is a fragment of "God." Your purpose is to grow and
become. Through growing yourself, you grow God too. You, being a part
of God, grow God by growing yourself.

You are a piece of the Whole. As the parts grow, so does the Whole.

The Creator (God) places himself (you) within himself (your body) to
grow and awaken himself. This is who and what you are, and what you
are doing here.

The Creator has only one place to create and only one substance to
use. He/she must create within himself and must use himself as the

Religions claim that we are sinful and evil. And yet where did that
evil come from and why? What is its purpose?

Similarly, most modern spiritual teachers claim that the "ego" should
be reduced or eliminated, but how many of them show you why the ego
exists in the first place? If the ego is an obstacle to enlightenment,
then why do we have one? How did that happen and what is its purpose?

Nothing exists without being created and/or allowed, including evil,
darkness, chaos, unconsciousness, and yes, the ego too.

Light shines out of darkness. Darkness is that which allows light to
shine. First we create darkness and then we bring light to it.
Similarly, we first create chaos and then we bring order to it. We
first create karma and then we balance it. We first make mistakes and
then we learn from them. That is how the system works in this world.
Darkness comes first and then light.

It is only when both sides (all sides) are grasped that we get the
whole picture.

Did you know there are two types of spiritual experiences? One type
involves memories and encountering past lives and other entities. The
other type is called "awakening" or "enlightenment" and is described
with phrases like "pure awareness" or "pure consciousness" as well as
"no self" or "no mind." The first kind is very personal and
individualized. The second kind is universal and points to everything
being connected in one single Whole.

The first kind of experience can be entered through the mind, using
various forms of hypnosis and self-hypnosis. The other is accessed
through meditation, occurs only when the mind is silent or passive,
and cannot be forced in any way.

These two types of experiences are indicative of the two
consciousnesses which grow within us. We have two souls, not just one.
One acts as our mind and is active. This active soul we call the "ego"
and it is responsible for the darkness that we create. It also acts as
the veil which hides our past-life memories and larger self.

The other soul is attached to the heart center and is called the
"soul." The soul is responsible for balancing our darkness with light.

Both souls grow within the flesh body.

These two souls act as the individual aspects of the polarities that
we see all around us: light/dark, heart/mind, positive/negative,
male/female, etc. They are like the two poles of a battery which
individually oppose each other, but together drive a single electrical

Learn who and what you are and why you are here. Through understanding
you bring light to your own darkness.

As it says on the back cover:

Rise up!

Never surrender!

Hold your head up high!

Stand up and be counted!

For you are the greatest creation in this or any other universe.

Through you the Creator builds all universes.

In you he lives and breathes.

And out of you a new star will be born with a new name…


"As we have borne the image of the Earthly, we shall also bear the
image of the Heavenly."