The Day My School Fell Down - kindle ebook by Gemma Ramji

'The Day My School Fell Down' is a comic satire on school life, at a
disastrous school in England called Murkworth School. Struggling at
the bottom of the league tables, the stressed and frazzled school
governor, Governor Strand, must come up with a way to save its
crumbling walls, and salvage the school's poor reputation.

Thus begins the haphazard and farcical story of mayhem at Murkworth
School, following teachers like Mr Yadav, a man who detests loud
children and spends most of his time daydreaming of being headmaster.
And pupils such as Eldon Peeble, a troublesome boy, who runs a covert
operation of exchanging photocopied teachers' mark-books amongst
pupils in his form. So the tale begins.

Having attended a very strict school when I was young, I imagined what
it would be like for the opposite to exist - a school that is
unbelievably disheveled and with no real order, the children badly
behaved, and the teachers ranging from wacky, inept, lazy or totally
and utterly despairing.

'The Day My School Fell Down' took five years to write, and the front
cover I designed and painted in oil. It is a satire for all ages. I
very much hope you all enjoy delving into the unusual and quirky
novel, and hopefully laughing along the way!