The Marriage Pact - Kindle ebook by M.J. Pullen

The Marriage Pact - a funny, complex contemporary romance. **Free for
kindle until September 20, 2013!** A newly
revised, four-star amazon bestseller -- with more than 110,000
downloads, and over 70 five-star reviews! This novel is about turning
30 and wondering what the heck happened to the life you'd planned to
have by then. It's about friends and lovers. And promises. And love
triangles... with, um, complications. Get ready to laugh and cry as
two old friends try to navigate the transition into their fourth
decade, while living very separate lives four states apart.

Marci and Jake promised each other in college they'd get married at
30, and now that time has arrived. Will the drunken words scrawled on
a decade-old bar napkin lead to a happy ending? Or will their marriage
pact turn out to be the doom of their friendship? When friends become
lovers, it's hard to go back again, and life is more complicated than
we sometimes like to believe. Follow Marci on her journey from Austin
back home to Atlanta, and then get a peek at Athens, Georgia, ten
years ago -- when the marriage pact began. With happy weddings and
failed relationships all around her, Marci will try to figure out what
she really wants in love and life. In the process, she will learn some
hard lessons about love, friendship and what true commitment means.