Wanted: One Ghost - kindle ebook by Loni Lynne


Touching the past is one thing. Bringing it to life is another.
Historical researcher, April Branford has fought her ability to touch
artifacts and be able to tell their past since her ex- boyfriend
called her out on her 'so called gift'. But psychometry is in her DNA,
thanks to the matriarchal side of her family. Every woman born into
her family has been given a paranormal specialty—her Great-Aunt Vicki
has the ability to sense live energy around her, her grandmother can
see ghosts and her mother can hear them, but has never accepted her

Now April struggles with her own gift as her career begins to take
off. Not many people would consider her professional if she claimed to
be able to 'touch the past'.

But now she's faced with a job that could make her career—or break it.
International, reclusive billionaire Kenneth Miles is investigating
one of his ancestors claim into owning a massive amount of property in
the United States—namely, Kingsmill, Maryland. But first he must claim
the truth about his infamous ancestor's property rights. Did James
Addison actually own the mill in which the town was named and where is
the deed now? Hiring April Branford is the first step but time is
running out in order to clinch the deal.

Pressure and time are not things a professional researcher can deal
with. Especially with all the roadblocks thrown at her. Kingsmill's
Historical Society is under renovations and being moved to a new
building. Files are in various boxes and packaged for shipping some of
the old town buildings are just now giving up their old papers for
documentation. There is little hope of finding a small piece of paper
from over 200 years ago.

Still, the more April learns about the town and its rakish, womanizing
mill owner, James Addison, the more intrigued she becomes. A simple
ghost tour has her encountering a colonial dressed guide with quite a
bit of information on the little known historical English man who'd
turned Kingsmill into a booming mill town in its day. Finding her
guide knowledgeable and very handsome April hopes to meet with him
again to discuss the historical Mr. Addison in detail.

Little does she know…she's just met him.