The Keys to a Long Distance Relationship: A Couple's Guide - Kindle eBook by Chris Stinchfield / Teresa LaVine

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The book for couples in love seeking to enhance their long distance
relationship. The authors wrote this while Chris was in Afghanistan
and Teresa was in the United States. It was a challenge to get through
3 years together like this, never mind write a book about it! Join us
and discover how to make your relationship work while taking a peak at
how Chris and Teresa did it.

Surviving a relationship isn't easy, and surviving a long distance
romance takes work ... very hard work. Attempt it blind without a
plan, and you may be looking at rocky times ahead. Or much worse, a
break-up. So don't give up and lose someone you're meant to be with
for the rest of your life. Teresa and I weathered many storms and hung
in there together, which is why we wrote The Keys to a Long-Distance
Relationship: A Couple's Guide.

Build Trust
Become More Patient
Increase Your Friendship
Communicate Better

Join us as we discuss the keys to a thriving long distance
relationship. Learn how friendship can enhance your feelings of love
so you can share a meaningful and long lasting relationship.

We'll look at ways to communicate better so you can build the trust
and respect that you both need. Using the experience of many couples
and the personal experiences of the authors, the book reveals various
keys that you may know about but are unsure of how to build upon.

The book explains in detail the means to a fruitful long distance
relationship. It further aids you and your relationship by providing
resources that are crucial to building these keys, such as
communication and patience.

Communicate with the authors via their social media pages and share
your stories and pictures. Together as we learn and become stronger
our Long Distance Relationships will thrive.