Angels of the Quantum Gate - kindle ebook by William David Hannah

Both Kindle and paperback versions are available. 

Extraterrestrials, science, and philosophy all meet in a cornfield. There is humor, satire, adventure, and some amazing surprises in a story with profound consequences for a universe where it may be true. 

"I’ve always hated not knowing what to expect. I hate it even if something good is about to happen. I hate it even more when it’s one of those things that slaps you in the eye and festers in your brain and seems to change the world and the space and time around it. That’s what happened to me recently. That’s why I wrote all this down. It was what Jim Drake told me would happen, but who believed him? It’s what the government people, if that’s what they were, kept telling me to write about, over and over. It’s what changed my happy home and my pleasant little farm into chaos, for a time. And through it all, Jim Drake lived, or seemed to live, nearby, at the end of the road, or around a star."