At Second Sight - kindle ebook by Lisa Nielsen

At Second Sight is a story about fear, obsession, murder.

As a very young girl growing up in the Chicago suburbs, my bogeyman was a monster who broke into the home of a well-to-do family and killed one of their daughters. I was terrified for weeks, wondering how it was possible that the poor young woman could be killed while her family slept just down the hall. And if it could happen to them, why not in my house? This killer was never found and brought to justice. 

Thus began my fascination with all things mysterious and macabre, and served as an inspiration for At Second Sight. The book tells the story of Jennifer Riordan, a young socialite in Chicago who is bests by a series of tragedies, beginning with the murder of her twin sister.

I've spent my life gobbling up good mysteries, trying to figure out whodunit before the incredible wrap up in the end. I've been wrong more often than not, but I keep trying.