Healing Secret Seeds Of A Poetic Heart/Parenting Relational Stories/by Michelle E. Faulkner


Healing Secret Seeds Of A Poetic Heart is meant to help you restore
your heart when you think all hope is gone. When there is
pain,jealousy,fear and rage sitting inside, and you've believed lies
buried deep in pride, this book is here to help you overcome those
pains and find the truth resting in your heart. It is based on a true
love story that could make all the difference in the world to someone
you love.

The goal of this book is to have real open honest conversations with
our parents and teens.To help build better relationships between
family members. Having a place to be honest about our feelings is very
important for every family member. We have young men and women with or
without fathers in their lives and they are looking for love in the
wrong relationships. Healing Secret Seeds Of A Poetic Heart is a book
meant to help you discover and understand what love is and what love
is not when there is no person parenting you with A Motivation To