Black Roses - kindle ebook by Jenn Brink

'Black Roses: Book One in the Jessica Hart Series' by Jenn Brink

B&N: 5 stars: "Hilarious, sexy, and suspenseful. I really enjoyed
this book. It is fast paced and fun to read. Jessica's hapless
series of steamy, action packed adventures turns her seemingly perfect
life upside down. She is on the run from a ruthless murderer, while
trying to figure out what happened to her fiancé, and not fall in
love, or bed, with the new guy in her life. I highly recommend this
book with a margarita on the beach, dock, or poolside, but it is a
great read anywhere. I can't wait to read the next book in the

Jessica Hart is new to Seattle, days away from the big three-o, and
just months away from marrying the perfect man when her fiancé, Jim
Carozza, gets into a car with a creepy stranger who looks like a Vegas
pit boss. Suddenly, her seemingly perfect life takes a bizarre turn.

Her big brother, Greg, tells her to go home. The police tell her to
go home. Her inner voice even tells her to go home. Unfortunately,
Jessica has never been the kind of girl to do as she's told. Instead,
she dives head first into trouble looking for answers but soon finds
out that every answer leads to more trouble.
Before she knows it, her world has turned upside down. Jim is missing
and he's got secrets. Greg has moved in and he's got secrets. Her
new friend, smoking hot and mysteriously irresistible Eric Wolf, even
has secrets.

Now, a crazed killer stalking Jessica wants something she doesn't
have. Wolf wants something she knows she shouldn't give. And, the
police, the FBI, the mob, and a bunch of intimidating mercenaries are
watching her every move.

Greg thinks she needs to let the police handle things. Wolf thinks
she needs to lay low. Her best friend thinks she needs to let Wolf
seduce her. Jessica thinks she needs some retail therapy, a manicure,
and a margarita.