Charter School General - ebook by Ron Costello
Charter School General is about a kid who saves the Liberty Bell by using zoo animals to hide in the city and stop terrorists. 
"Sure, and who thought of this one, the Pet Whisperer?" 
No, he doesn’t speak to the animals, he has a brain that evolved differently than yours or mine. Therefore it can pick up thoughts from animals. What’s even better, animals can pick up his thoughts, too. 

"Wait, are you saying the kid can exchange thoughts with animals? And he uses this gift to stop terrorists?" 
Absolutely. When no one believes his story, he sneaks animals out of the Philly zoo and goes after the terrorists.
"Right, the animals just walk out of the zoo, come on…"
Animals aren’t stupid. They can easily figure out how to get out. It’s pretty cool. They escape in the dead of night and make their way into the city. Sure people see them and dial 911, but  the animals are intelligent and hide somewhere else
"What do they do, eat the terrorists? This is crazy, who wrote this book?"
They don’t eat the terrorists. But they do make life miserable for them. The terrorists bring along a magician who fools the kid and the animals. And the police.
"Whoa, the police are involved in this story, too?"
What do you think happens when a lioness, a kangaroo, an ape, a Galapagos tortoise, and a King cobra escape from the zoo during the night? You think no one would notice? Of course the police are involved, and so are the police commissioner and the mayor, not to mention the city newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
If you like animals, you'll love the General.
So okay, then what happens? 

Oh, no, sorry. You’ll have to buy an ebook for 99 cents. You got 99 cents?