Cranimooda Volume 1: Create your own path - kindle ebook by Lisa Moya

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Every generation a Cranimooda, an animal who can transform into a human, is born into the Okan tribe of flying foxes. Taja is the Cranimooda of the current generation. 

One day, Taja receives a magical, flying package. Inside is a teddy bear -shaped robot named Toolee and a mysterious item. What will the item be? And how will it be useful in their journey to learn about the world and themselves?

The Cranimooda series is written and illustrated in comic book style, but tailored for children. Children who have a hard time comprehending or enjoying traditionally written and illustrated children's books may find Cranimooda to be to their liking. Like most comic book series, there are plenty of exciting adventures and shocking cliff-hangers that will leave kids captivated. However, this series is not just a comic book adventure. There are plenty of lessons to be taught, problems to be solved, and vocabularies to be learned.

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