Dereliction - kindle ebook by Lance Barnwell

A collection of dark poetry ranging from the supernatural to chaotic visions of the future. Madness captured in all of its many guises; ghosts haunting ghosts, people haunting themselves and the self destructive path of the human race.
Twenty five poems of ironic rhyming couplets portraying dark wonderings about the world we live in. The book is also filled with humour, both black and light; all tastes can be found somewhere amongst the words.
I sit, he’s where I sat him, there on the chair
Looking straight through me with his fixed wooden stare
How I hate the rouge of his rosy red cheeks
And that contrived whiny voice in which he now speaks
He’s smiling and he’s smug as he sits in his suit
But he’s nothing without me, he’d always be mute
Lifeless, but scary, with his eyes opened wide
Legs twisted at angles, arms loose by his side
I look in the mirror and see the beads of my sweat
An unnerving brief moment when reflected eyes met
But I’m in control, ‘cos I pull the strings
And it’s my voice projecting when he sits there and sings