Moon Shine - a supernatural romance by S L Thompson

Five years ago, Emily's husband was killed in a gruesome attack.  Haunted by nightmares and desperately alone, Emily has learned to survive.  But, when a horrific animal attack claims a life at the same factory where her best friend works, Emily is unable to ignore it. Especially when the nature of the attack so closely resembles the same thing that took her husband--the thing that the police were never able to find.  But Emily isn’t the only one searching the night for answers.  There are others. Determine to find the killer; Emily is drawn into a supernatural rabbit hole full of hunters, monsters and terrifying realities that Emily could never have imagined existed.  For Emily, finding the truth about her husband’s death, will lead her along a dangerous path; the only question is whether her path will end in certain death or lead her to her soul mate. This tale is full of surprises, romance and heart-stopping twists.