Of Plight & Promises - kindle ebook by Sandi Randelle


When a Fae prince crashes through her window, Desirata Taylor – nightclub owner and vampire – finds herself thrust into the midst of an epic battle of blood and magic that will change her life in more ways than she can possibly imagine.
Plagued by memories of a lost love, Desirata abandoned her vampire family and moved to Toronto to build a new life for herself.  Now, nearly five years later, that life is disrupted by the sudden arrival of Fynnhevar, wounded and barely alive, who throws himself on her mercy and begs her to help him.  Unable to resist the plea of a lost soul, Desirata vows to protect him, thus placing herself and those she loves squarely in the path of a legendary enemy who will stop at nothing to acquire the Fae prince.
But even as Desirata and Fynnhevar fight both the evil that pursues him and the forbidden attraction growing between them, Fynn is harboring a secret that could mean their salvation, or their ultimate destruction.