Sabien's Quest: The Light - YA Fantasy kindle ebook by Shomari Black

“Representation is a big deal to me. I wanted to write a fantasy story for every kid. I never looked like the Pevensies or Harry Potter. I look like one of the Huxtables. My Fellowship of friends was pretty mixed-up looking. That’s why I wrote about Sabien and Ska. I had two big sisters growing up. They looked out for me. I want girls to know that action and adventure aren’t just for boys. That’s why I wrote about Ei Lata’n. And princesses don’t have to sit and wait in a tower. That’s why I wrote Magnificent. I want every kid in this world, boy or girl, to know that there’s a fantasy world out there where they can exist, too.” – Shomari Black, author of Sabien's Quest

What if you started with Lord of the Rings then made all the heroes teenagers, gave them contemporary voices (like in The Princess Bride), and had their different races reflect in their skin color as well as their stature?
This is the story of a 15 year old monk in a medieval fantasy world who gets kicked out of his monastery and isn’t allowed to return unless he can find a lost relic. While he’s looking for it, demons are crawling up out of hell to find and kill him because if he manages to get his hands on the relic, he’ll stop their well-orchestrated apocalypse. What he doesn’t know is that he was hidden in the monastery as a baby because he is the illegitimate son of the king, and true heir to the throne.
Now, the acting prince is betrothed to a princess who finds him so revolting, that she packs her bags right after their betrothal ceremony and leaves in search of the true heir to the throne so that she can marry him instead. Meanwhile, the monk is fumbling through the nations in the kingdom and building a ragtag group of friends who join him on his quest: a werewolf, a forest dwelling troll thingie, etc. And popping in and out of the story is a half-werewolf/half-elf assassin who can’t decide if she wants to help the monk or not.