Scarred - Kindle ebook by Kristine Roper

A disfigured woman haunted by nightmares and the knowledge that she'll never find love. A lesbian high school student who deals with abuse by cutting herself with a razor blade. A vicious serial killer that has been leaving a bloody path of faceless victims in his wake.

Taylor Mackenzie's parents died in a car crash when she was a child. Marked by facial scarring from the same accident, she had been raised by her grandmother, a woman who had been so ashamed of her granddaughter's looks that she had hidden her away from the rest of the world for most of her life. After finally running away as a teen, Taylor made her way to San Diego where she now helps run a shelter for runaway girls along with the only person who had never been disgusted by her scars.

Rachel Dupree is a lonely and confused lesbian trying to survive high school. Abused by her alcoholic mother and bullied by her classmates, Rachel comforts herself by dragging a razor blade across her skin. Rachel's only friend must leave for Chicago sooner than she had expected and Rachel is on the verge of suicide, knowing that the only person who didn't think she was a sick freak would soon disappear.

The Skinner is a serial killer that has been terrorizing the country for the past year. His victims are young and pretty, their faces taken and preserved to keep them that way. He is obsessed with the ideas of innocence and purity and believes his victims should thank him for being chosen.

When Taylor's grandmother dies and she has to return home, it sets off a series of events that will entwine the two women together more than either of them had ever imagined. Bonding over their scars, they both begin to believe that maybe, just maybe, they've finally found the happiness they've been searching for.

Unless, of course, the Skinner finds them first...