Sliding Past Vertical - literary romantic fiction by Laurie Boris

A love story with a literary twist

Sliding Past Vertical is the story of Sarah Cohen, a young woman who rarely looks before she leaps, and Emerson McCann, her old college boyfriend, always a phone call away with a metaphorical mop to help her clean up the mess. To Sarah, now living in Boston, it’s a comfortable, long-distance relationship. Unless she thinks about it too long and starts feeling guilty again for breaking his heart all those years ago. But Emerson’s relationship with her is a little different. He’d stayed behind in Syracuse and never stopped loving her, even when he could only watch and offer comfort as she dated loser after loser, even when he wanted her set upon by the Seven Plagues of Egypt—especially the boils. When the latest boyfriend du jour puts Sarah in deep trouble, Emerson rushes to her aid, again, this time with the assistance of his housemate, a graduate student destined for an arranged marriage. Cleaning up this mess puts Sarah a little too close for everyone’s comfort when she decides that to correct the crooked trajectory of her life, she needs to return to Syracuse, where it all started going wrong. But with Sarah the walking disaster in town, is anyone really safe?