The Girl on the Mountain - Kindle ebook by Carol Ervin

Free for Kindle these dates only: Oct. 12, 13, 14 of 2013.

Everyone says The Girl on the Mountain would make a great movie, with its tension that rises from page one, its odd and endearing characters, and description of rugged life in 1899. The author would like to see the movie happen. But she's happy pleasing readers, who've taken many opportunities to say "give us another one like this."

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A sequel to The Girl on the Mountain comes out this month, so get  your start on this saga while it's free.

Here's a short description:

Untrue things are said of May Rose Long, but it is true she's too pretty for her own good. It's 1899, and she's on her own in a remote sawmill town where Company is king, men are rough, and a woman alone has few options. Her only resources are her pet sow's litter of pigs and the attachment of an unruly 13-year-old girl. Somehow she must find good people and honorable work.

The company doctor wants to help, but he's married, and his interest is personal. The company manager offers work, but his interest in May Rose may not be proper. Then there's Suzie, operator of the brothel, who'd gladly welcome both her and the girl. As May Rose struggles to earn her keep, her troubles seem directed by others.

Soon an accident leaves the town in desperate straits. Through it all, May Rose must protecte herself and the girl who sleeps with a doll clutched tight and a knife under her pillow.