The Gospel According to Judas - kindle ebook by John H. Doe

This contains a Grand Unified Theory of Life. It's not an equation, it
comes in pieces, but the pieces (I hope) all come together in the text.
One might not say that this is not light reading, but if you know what
Descartes wrote, "I think therefore I am", then you might like what is
contained herein. We go deeper than he did, in doubting all things. He
missed a couple things that we all take for granted when trying to hold
nothing as given. And we go a different route than he did to conclude
that we exist, that the world exists, and perhaps even that God exists.
As for the title, I have it on good authority that Judas Iscariot was
actually innocent. I found out later that there has been scholarship
that suggests this, too: for two thousand years, we have condemned an
innocent man. But it leaves us now to re-examine our relationship to the
Holy Scriptures, for what information we have gotten there about him has
been in error all this time. But perhaps it is not too late to repent of
blind belief. What is contained in this book is not fiction, it all
"happened" to me. When you read it you'll see why there are quotes
there. It's wild. It sounds crazy. But I tell you, it is all true. If I
am crazy, I am crazy in the spirit of the prophet Jeremiah, in the
spirit of Joan of Arc. Disbelieve parts of it if you must, if you have
to to get the message I try to convey: it's all about love, baby, and
that can't be wrong. Peace be with you, whatever you do believe.