The Strong, Silent Type - kindle ebook by Lynn Kellan

His scars left him dead inside, until she moved next door. Will she run from him when she discovers why his first marriage fell apart?

Tina's job keeps her on the road, driving away from her loneliness. When Christmas comes, she must return home. Truth is, she's tired of running away.

Her neighbor, Wade, is the strong, silent type. Loss and grief haunt him. She understands his pain. When she realizes he's been taking care of her house while she was away, she invites him to dinner. He doesn't say much, but he shows her how he feels when darkness falls.

Tina begins to smile again. She tells Wade she cares for him. He doesn't say a word...and he refuses to tell her what caused his first marriage to disintegrate. Strong, silent types don't say much, and Tina needs more than that. She accepts a new job offer. Perhaps she'll find happiness if she starts over in a new town, a new house, and a new life. After all, it's New Year's Eve. Time for new beginnings.

When Wade realizes his silence has pushed Tina away, he tracks her down at midnight on New Year's Eve. He's willing to tell her everything...but is it too late to stop her from running away?