Trading Binary Options for Fun and Profit: A Guide for Speculators - a non-fiction kindle book by Jose Manuel Moreira Batista

Binary options trading attract thousands of new people every day with the prospect of making humongous profits in a question of minutes.

Lured by its simplicity traders jump in with both feet and thousands of dollars. Most of them lose them all without ever realizing what happened. A lot return after a while with even more money just to get crushed once again.

It is true that you can make money trading binary options but first you have to understand that the system is completely stacked against you. Otherwise you are really better off heading straight to Vegas: you’ll get better odds!

To win you must know how to develop winning strategies that give a long-term consistent edge. Also, you also must know how much to stake on each and every trade you make.

This book is a step-by-step easy to follow manual that gives you the practical knowledge you need to trade binary options profitably.

Written by a veteran trader with a passion for teaching and zero tolerance for empty promises you will not find magic bullets or infallible systems touted in this book.

You will get to know how to develop trading strategies; how to know if a strategy should be traded or not; how to use a trading platform as your free research assistant and trading signal provider; and how much money you should risk in every trade you make.

A lot of the technique and methods this book covers are also applicable to trading the stock market, the forex market and even to sports betting.