Trick Or Treat Murders - kindle ebook by Bob Moats

This is the 30th book in the series about a senior sleuth who works cases through his investigating firm. He was first introduced in the book "Classmate Murders" where he meets his future wife and a few new friends. He helps to track down a killer stalking his former female classmates from over forty years ago. All the books continue through the series from their original start in the Detroit suburbs to their final home in Las Vegas, where Jim and his wife Penny, a TV talk show host, have made many new friends and established themselves as crime fighters. This latest book, "Trick or Treat Murders" finds a continuing fourteen year crime wave of women in Las Vegas being murdered while giving out candy. But only one woman each year for those fourteen years. Jim is asked by his police friend, Deacon DeAngelo, to see if he can help. Jim and his associate Earl Daws digs into the case and they find that a dead boy may have come back from the grave to murder those women. Will Jim and his team of crime solvers save Halloween and save another victim in just three days?

ARC Review by Susan Houghton:

For a number of women in Las Vegas over the past 14 years, Halloween has been no treat; they have been murdered. One of the murders was caught on tape and inconceivably, it appears one of the dead woman's son has come back from the grave – literally – to murder one mother every Halloween over the years. Have no fear, this isn't a book about a killer Zombie, but rather, just the next adventure for Jim and Penny Richards.  

It is not all fun and games, though, as Jim and his crew end up in the tunnels below Las Vegas, where they discover an entire society of homeless people living. And it wouldn't be a Jim Richards' book if Jim wasn't helping someone less fortunate and in this case, it's a homeless man who finds Willy after the dog was taken from Penny. This book gives us a look at the human face of homelessness plus a surprise for everyone when they find out who the homeless man is they are helping. Can Jim and the rest of the gang save Trick or Treat for one woman? You'll have to read Trick or Treat Murders to find out.

ARC Review by Elaine Gajarsky:

Trick or Treat Murders is a continuation of the series of the Jim Richards murder novels. It does not disappoint. Twists and turns and a good plot, keeps the reader guessing.
 Jim Richards, the owner of a private investigation business keeps busy solving murders that usually stump the police department. He and his group entertains with wit, puns and laughter which adds to story. A woman has been killed every Halloween for 14 years, a serial killer who hasn't been caught......until he meets up with Jim Richards.