WHO WILL WEEP FOR ME - kindle ebook by Peter Glassman

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WHO WILL WEEP FOR ME is a crime thriller based on a real life incident.

I went to high school with the guy who killed the Boston Strangler. He
was a friend with a sense of humor but came from a criminal
background. After high school graduation we parted our ways. Most of
our little clique went to college. He went into an outlaw career.

I wanted people to remember my teenage friend as I knew him and
re-wrote how his life might come to a more acceptable end. In WHO WILL
WEEP FOR ME I relive my high school days. They were fun, outrageous,
academic and despite the peer pressure, I miss them.

Carli Santo, my teenage ganiff and friend, showed up with a brand new
1955 white Cadillac Eldorado convertible and no one ever questioned
it. I grew up Italian but in high school I discovered the other half
of my life - being Jewish. Jewish and Italian teenagers mix and the
result is raucous.

The Boston Strangler, on the other hand, had troubled teenage years
which molded his destiny to strangle young, blonde nurses who
resembled his mother. Edmund Sorelli's ultimate end is somewhat
different than what happened in real life but it works for my high
school friend as I would like to remember him.

Peter Glassman MD