A Shadow in the Flames - kindle ebook by Michael G. Munz

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 "Hiding from this doesn't make it go away, Flynn. I heard about the fight. About what Dio did to that guy. He's not who you thought, and it shows in your eyes."

Cybernetics were supposed to help humanity make the world a better place. For Michael Flynn, they've only made it more dangerous. He lost the last of his family years ago. Tonight, his home will burn to the ground, and all he'll have left is a friend who could destroy him.

Yet he still has his dream: Join the caste of modern knights-errant known as "freelancers." Protect those who cannot protect themselves.

He'll have to learn to protect himself first. A vigilante-turned-arsonist roams free in the city, and the destruction of Michael's home may be linked to a deadly discovery beneath the Moon's surface.

Those who search the Moon will be watching him.

Praise for A Shadow in the Flames:

"I was leery of a first novel, but within a few pages Munz had me hooked. The story is remarkably philosophical without being pedantic or rhetorical. The blending of perspective, a sort of speaking stick between characters gave you a chance to see each event, character, and situation from several sides. It was seamless." -Wanda Phillips (Amazon reviewer)