Malicious - kindle ebook by James Raven

A chilling wake-up call for anyone who thinks it’s safe to use the internet.

Early in 2013 I came across a newspaper report about a woman whose webcam had been hacked. The man responsible had spied on her for some weeks and had managed to record her in compromising positions in her bedroom.

This aroused my interest and so I researched the subject thoroughly. I was both amazed and appalled at what I discovered. I had no idea that webcam hacking was so widespread or that more and more of the hackers were resorting to blackmailing their victims.
As the author of seven previous crime thrillers this prompted me to develop a storyline and a cast of characters. 

The result is my eighth book called MALICIOUS, which was published.
The book focuses on a female detective who becomes a victim of a hacker calling himself the Slave Master. The detective is perfect prey because she has a sordid secret.
My story is pure fiction but I know from what I’ve read that this sort of thing is going on across the world on an alarming scale. Mature women and young girls are falling victim because they’re not aware of the problem.
I myself now make a habit of covering up my webcam and I’m sure that those who read my book will be doing the same in future.