The 13th Guest - kindle ebook by Ruth S. Daigneault

If you like variety in your characters and stories, come along to the Halloween party at Beckworth Manor, where each guest will tell a different tale to entertain you.  Stories of murder, intrigue, a little horror, a little humour are all intertwined in the midst of yet another tale - that of the 13th guest whose identity remains secret until the end.

Of course, not all twelve Beckworth guests are happy with each other so you will have to excuse their behaviour as suspicions of deceit, theft, infidelity and perhaps even murder, seem to vibrate and grow throughout the evening.  Are all these people what they seem?  Or is there some kind of subterfuge going on?

No doubt you have heard about the Titanic, but there are characters aboard whose story has never been told, at least if you can believe a self-absorbed, scatter-brained actress.

What would you do about a nagging wife, a demanding boyfriend, or unusual requests from your boss?  Hopefully, not the same thing as Ray or the willing secretary.

Like to play detective?  Come join the party as we weave our way through an evening of mystery and suspense, with the plots of each of the twelve stories twisting their way through to endings which just may surprise you.