The Beatles: 'Where We Grew Up'; Their Formative Years in Hamburg 1960-1962 - Kindle ebook by Jonathan Clark

This book is free on Kindle on December 1st and 7th 2013.

The untold story is now told! The true story of the fifth Beatle, the 'Lost Beatle'; Stuart Sutcliffe, the close and beloved friend of John Lennon who as an early member of the Beatles, inspired him and by doing so helped inspire a generation through the Beatles' music.
This is a love story with a difference - because it is a love triangle featuring 3 real people; the love between John and Stuart as the closest of friends (with John as disciple to Stuart's superior intelligence and artistic talent) and the romantic love between Stuart and Astrid Kirchherr - (a photography student) who fell in love with each other at first sight when she came to see the Beatles playing in Hamburg in 1960 ( a few years before they shot to superstardom).
So this story works on a number of different levels. It is a tragedy (Stuart died of a brain hemorrhage at 21, after becoming engaged to Astrid), of course it is a love story, and it is also a history of a largely unknown part of the history and development of the most successful (and best) band ever.
It is written as an intersecting diary of all 3 people. I wanted to use that format as we tell our innermost thoughts and feelings to diaries and I wanted to explore these feelings and thoughts as I imagine they were for these 3 incredible people in their formative years.
Lennon and Beatle fans will enjoy the insight it gives them. After all - we always hear about their rise to fame after 1963, but what went before to shape them into the ingenious band they were? You will have to read it to find out! You will love the romance and tragedy of it all.
So just enjoy it!