The Measure of a Man - a crime/forensics/love story by Brette O'Connell

Too many bodies,
In over her head,
Add two hearts...
Criminalist Third Class Siobhan Connelly of the Las Vegas Crime Lab has processed too many crime scenes involving young African-American prostitutes. She believes a serial killer is responsible for the women’s deaths, and her investigation into the murders is beginning to take its toll on her.

Complicating matters is her boss, Dr. John Garnett, and her friend, Detective Daniel Novak, who are unsure if the crimes are linked. Both men worry that she is becoming too emotionally involved with the case, and each of them wants to protect the young criminalist on and off the job.

Here are just a few of the reviews for The Measure of Man:

A serial killer and a love triangle. Things aren’t always as they seem in this romantic mystery. The reader is left guessing what will happen — with both the killer and the love triangle — until the very end. O’Connell shows that sometimes love can be obvious and instinctual, but other times needs to be cultivated to see what has always been there. A page-turner that will touch your heart. Amanda Biela, Chicago, Ill ★★★★★
I had the pleasure of reading the pre-release copy of this highly imaginative novel by Brette O'Connell. She has done a wonderful job of creating a believable set of characters, wonderful dialog, and fast-paced plot. The story is both a thriller, in classic CSI fashion, and a romance. Each chapter draws you farther into the story and grabs your attention. The book left me wanting more and I look forward to the sequel. I highly recommend this book to you! Steven Waters, Minneapolis, MN ★★★★1/2

My husband is the avid reader in the family, not me. However, he persuaded me to read “The Measure of a Man,” and I was certainly glad that I did. It’s a story that both men and women will like, although I do think it’s geared more toward the ladies. Anyway, I loved it from beginning to end. Ida Ingoldt, Escondido, CA
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