The Money Tree - kindle ebook by Helen Yeomans

The Money Tree

The Frisbys have been growing money for ten years on their island farm, and George has nearly perfected the art. Jane tolerates the temperamental money tree while worrying about its legality and her family’s safety. She also worries about the children.
Daffy (18) is torn between careers in terrorism and economics (“How do we get from bad money to good money without going through hyperinflation?”), while 12-year-old Mike divides the world into soakers and soakees and wants to franchise the money tree.
When the latest harvest is completed without a problem, the Frisbys begin to relax. But then three unpleasant things happen, one after another, culminating in a break-in. Worse still, unbeknownst to the family, the Secret Service takes notice, and when forensic analysis proves dollars can be grown on trees, agents begin a rapid but stealthy search for the source, a search that soon turns international.
The Money Tree was published on November 25 as a Kindle ebook. Here’s what Connie (I’ve never met her but I love her) had to say:
 I loved the quirky characters in this imaginative tale. The story looks at what would happen if one really could grow money on a tree. A fascinating look at what various characters would do if this were the case. Both humorous and serious, this book is instructive about our current monetary system and its flaws.

The Money Tree explores old money like silver coinage and new digital currencies like Bitcoin. At heart, though, this is a story of a tempestuous but loving family and its relationship to its island neighbors.

Why did I write this book. Call me weird, but the state (quality) of our money really worries me. It's just that money is a pretty boring subject, and then one day I thought "What if . . . money grew on trees?" What would that do to the banking system? More interestingly, what would it do to the grower? Hence The Money Tree. I hope you enjoy it!

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