This Aimless Age - Kindle eBook by Alexander Prenta
Free From 11/1 - 11/3
"This Aimless Age" is a modern drama portraying the plight of a generation struggling to define success in the aftermath of the economic crisis and the effect that an uncertain future may have on the choices they make in their pursuit of happiness.
Do you have children that are of the "Millenial" generation? Perhaps you are categorized as one? Either way this story is for you. Told through the perspective of the protagonist, This Aimless Age offers a unique perspective on the hoplessness of a generation that was promised an American Dream that is now non-existent. This story contains all the hallmarks of an entertaining novel: drama, suspense, romance, action... Though this is not your average eBook. This novel was written in the spirit and tradition of literary fiction with colorful pros and themes that raise thought provoking questions on the condition and beliefs of our working class youth and what it means to be happy (or not).  
The author hopes to cultivate a fresh and inside perspective on what it means to be a young adult in todays society through an intellectual and entertaining form  of fiction. This Aimless Age has much too offer for adults young and old alike and will not leave you far from disappointed. 

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