Troublesome Neighbors - kindle ebook by M. K. Theodoratus

Troublesome Neighbors features Renna, the holder of Ren Creek, who prefers to weave in peace. She got her fill of fighting during the Half-Elven Rebellion. When she refuses Gorsfeld's suit, he attacks her lands. Everyone expects her to fight to protect her people. She finds another way to get even.

Renna is a long-time friend of Mariah, the instigator of the Half-Elven Rebellion. She appears as a cranky old woman in Taking Vengenace, but this novella features Renna as a stripling at the beginning of her life when she made the decisions who made her what she became.

Renna also appears in a short story available for free on my website Before the Rebellion, Gorsfeld courted Mariah, hoping to gain an alliance with a powerful user of magic. Mariah discovered a unique way reject him after he refused to take "no" for an answer.