Eramane - kindle eBook by Frankie Ash

Ingredients: Feisty heroine, fantasy setting, a King, a King’s army, magic, three Ghost brothers, (not really ghosts but …you’ll see) a distraught older brother searching for his lost sister, (Ahem...the aforemintioned sister would be Eramane) and a nine-foot, soul harvesting monster. All this sprinkled with a touch of agony and romance comprises your daily allowable intake of entertainment.
But don’t just take my word for it that Eramane is a heart wrenching, action packed fantasy tale, my opinion is bias;) So to add some legitimacy to my claims, read this little snippet, “…a well paced, well written story, with good suspense, and a good main character in Eramane. Readers will want to know what happens to her after this book. This solid fantasy tale is well paced and well told…”-Kirkus Reviews.  I know right?!