What Lies Beneath the Surface - kindle ebook by Perri Forrest

What Lies Beneath the Surface is the second installment in the Pandora's Box series. It is a story focused on the intricacies of the relationship between beautiful Sienna Laguna, her boyfriend, Jeremy Coleman - and a few secrets that Jeremy would like to keep in the dark.
Sienna loves Jeremy with all her heart, so the saying, "Love is Blind", applies within the relationship. However, where it fails to land on Sienna's radar, her mother Sherry is there to lend her women's intuition to the cause.
It's a story of a mother's love and what a mother will do when she feels the child she loves is being deceived within the confines of her own relationship.
It's a story to enjoy with love, sex, relationships, and the many twists and turns which can occur when deep emotions are involved.

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