Activating the Gifts of the Spirit - Apostolic Training Manual by Mike Connell

Apostolic Training Series: Manual + 5 Teaching Sessions (Transcripts
+ links to Audio & Video)

God has created every person to be a supernatural spiritual being,
with the capacity to function not only in a natural world, but also to
access the realm of the spirit, access where God is, and to bring
heaven to earth. God's desire is that you be a channel for heaven
coming to earth, for His presence and goodness and healing and love
and peace and prosperity to flow through you, and to manifest in the
world around you.

So in the course we'll be teaching about that supernatural dimension.
We'll teach about how miracles are activated, what the keys are around
that. We'll teach you what the foundational key is, is out of intimacy
with God and hearing the voice of God, and we'll give you practical
steps, practical keys, how to start from wherever you are right now,
and step by step grow your faith, so you can be starting to operate
successfully, and regularly and confidently in the gifts of the

We'll teach on the gifts of the spirit, we'll give you a little bit
about each. We'll also give you some foundational understanding about
the spirit man, and how God works in and through us. Also if you're
watching this by DVD you'll see demonstrations of the power of God
touching people, you'll see demonstrations of how to move in words of
knowledge, hearing the voice of God, minister to people. You'll see
all of that in this course, and it will inspire you and help you.
God's given me ability to make it extremely clear, and I know that
you're going to really enjoy this.

Put in the effort. Invest in yourself. Do the course, and put into
practice the things you learn, and you'll just be overjoyed when you
see God is far more willing to work through you, than you really
realise. His plan is that the kingdom come into the earth through you.
All you've got to do is learn how to do it. In 1 Corinthians, Chapter
12, Verse 1, Paul says: I don't want you to be ignorant of spiritual
gifts; and this course is to help solve that problem. God bless you.
Have a great time on the course and may you extend the kingdom of God

5 Supplementary Teaching Sessions:

1 a) The Gifts of the Spirit: Understand 9 operations of the spirit
and how to position yourself to flow in them. We are designed to be a
supernatural being, to connect with heaven and earth. You are designed
to flow with the Holy Spirit. God wants us to add understanding how to
do it. He promises He'll give the gifts to every believer. He desires
to work through you, and its not about maturity, its about faith.

1 b) Hearing the Voice of God: How to recognise the Voice of God. It
comes from within, and its possible to exercise or "spirit man" by
positioning ourselves to hear, and knowing how it comes. We can be
trained to recognise spirit impressions and hear God's voice - for
ourselves and others (demonstrations)

2. Prophesy: The Bible says all believers can prophecy; and some
function in the 'office of a prophet' with a strong revelatory gift.
It is a great gift to build in other people, and we should be
passionate to stir up this gift. There however definite boundaries,
guidelines, do's and don't's that we should be aware of, and definite
steps to follow to get us going.

3. Tongues and Interpretation / Words of Knowledge: Begins with an
explanation of how we can be immersed into the spiritual dimension,
and be "clothed with power from on high". This is a gift, available to
all who desire it. Receiving the Holy Spirit (Born Again) versus
receiving the total immersion (Baptism of the Holy Spirit). To
express ourselves in this new culture we need a language which bubbles
up from within - energising our inner life, speaking out 'mysteries'
and more. Finally, learn how to operate the Word of Knowledge - a
powerful revelation gift to open up a person's life.

4. Discerning of Sprits / Words of Wisdom: A supernatural gift, a
revelation, which enables us to see the source or root of the problem.
This is not a natural discernment (working things out), but a
spiritual impression that we can name e.g. spirit of infirmity,
divination. We can discern the activity of the Holy Spirit, demonic
activity, or angelic activity. We don't sit as judge, but look as an
observer, and ask God how we should deal with it. Words of Knowledge;
Prophecy; and Discerning of Spirits all need to be accompanied with a
Word of Wisdom - know what to do with what we receive.

5. Faith, Miracles and Healing: To pursue growth in this area takes
courage, effort; and a willingness to deal with blocks in our own
heart! The gifts of Faith; Healing; and Working of Miracles are
defined, with examples. Difference between the Gift of Healing versus
praying by faith for healing. Find out how to prepare yourself to grow
in these gifts. Your community needs it.