A Dead Red Cadillac by RP Dahlke

A Dead Red Cadillac is the result of  writing instructors telling me I should write what I know. Turning around in my tracks, I felt like the proverbial basset hound, "Where is it? Where is it?" Oh, yeah, three hundred yards from my house was a line-up of Ag-Cats, a grumpy old owner (my dad, and my boss), three hard-ass pilots, and a passel of helpers who giggled every time I gave them orders.
It was also the hardest job I've ever done--up at 3 a.m. every day, seven days a week, all summer long.There's a picture of me standing next to one of the big Ag-Cat's. A strong wind could've blown me over, I was that skinny! No wonder the help snickered when I walked by. However, I learned to tuck my girly-looks into a ball cap and baggy jeans, and finally mastered my don't-mess-with-me scowl.  
I eventually left for another job, one that paid better and had better hours, but I also came away with a lot of stories. These books, starting with A Dead Red Cadillac are based on my experiences running my dad's crop-dusting business, and then my son's work in the Aero-Ag business. 
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