America's Greatest Blunder - kindle book by Burton Yale Pines

America’s Greatest Blunder: The Fateful Decision to Enter World War One – a history Kindle ebook by Burton Yale Pines
This is a provocative, unorthodox telling of a tale of how an American decision in 1917 helped propel the 20th Century onto its unprecedented course of war, violence, dictatorships, genocide and such catastrophic events as the rise of Hitler, World War Two and the Cold War. That American decision, to declare war on Germany and enter World War One, turned out to be what the author, pulling no punches, declares was America’s greatest blunder.
Praised by Amazon reviewers for its fast, fluid pace and as an easy read, America’s Greatest Blunder is aimed at those general-interest readers fascinated by history’s rare pivot-points that change the course of human events. Solidly researched, the book is packed with information and describes what one reviewer calls “fascinating episodes” which bring to life how America stumbled into war, how its two million doughboys were recruited and trained and then broke the battlefield stalemate and won the war and how that victory allowed Britain and France to impose their punishing peace on Germany.
And had America not entered World War One? The book’s answer: The war’s combatants – Britain and France on one side and Germany on the other – exhausted from nearly four years of massive battles and staggering casualties on a deadlocked Western Front, running short of men and resources and facing mounting homefront cries for an end to the fighting, ultimately would have dragged themselves (however reluctantly and unhappily) to a conference table and there negotiate a compromise peace. There would have been no victor, no vanquished, to punishing Versailles Peace Treaty, no reparations, no German cries for revenge – and thus no Hitler, surely no World War Two and likely no Cold War.
          As the centenary of World War One’s 1914 outbreak fast approaches, the reader will be faced by a mounting number of new and excellent books about that catastrophe. One book may well prove unique and a valuable accompaniment to the others. With its sharp focus on America’s game-changing role in that war and the tragic consequences that flowed from it, America’s Greatest Blunder offers the reader a special perspective on the war.