BirthCONTROL: A Husband's Honest Account of Pregnancy - kindle ebook by James Vavasour
"…one husband’s hilarious recount of becoming dad... ...a man’s guide to the joys, anxieties and downright absurdities of pregnancy, but you don’t have to be on the path to fatherhood to get a kick out of his side of the story. Expect plenty of snark, but even his blunt (sometimes pessimistic) take is comforting because it’s definitely not sugarcoated. So dads-to-be, here’s the truth from someone who made it to the other side—and moms, you’ll be laughing too.."

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

"...BirthCONTROL is a hilarious recounting of the author's experience living out his wife's pregnancy.  It made me think of Up All Night or Parenthood, with a definite Woody Allen touch."

Editor and Author Sandi Gelles-Cole

"Hilarious. The perfect mix of David Sedaris, Tina Fey, and Johnathan Tropper. A quick read, I couldn't put it down and laughed the entire way through. Highly recommended. " Reader


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