Caramel: Candy, Sauces, Popcorn and Desserts - a cookbook by J. R. Goode

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A cookbook featuring recipes for rich, buttery caramel candy, sauces, popcorn and desserts!

Imagine unwrapping a rich, buttery caramel and popping it into your mouth.  The velvety sweetness engulfs your taste buds beckon you to experience a moment of decadent joy!  That kind of experience can now be yours any day of the week.  In this cookbook, J. R. Goode introduces a variety of mouth-watering recipes that use basic ingredients readily obtained at any grocer.     However, simplicity is not to be confused with variety.  There is a wide range of variations on the classic caramel candy, sauce, and popcorn.  From white to dark chocolate and peppermint to different flavored extracts, caramel connoisseurs will find many mouth-watering way to indulge their sweet tooth.    For our vegan friends and individuals who are looking for natural sugar or organic goodies, the cookbook is proud to feature some tasty treats for them as well!    Making caramel candies and sauces is often considered to be a complicated affair that only a few people can enjoy, but in Caramel: Candy, Sauce, Popcorn and Desserts, J. R. Goode shows just how simple it can be to prepare a confection what will be the envy of all your family and friends.   Do not hesitate any longer, you must download this book today and start enjoying the rich decadence of caramel right away.