Joe, Sam, & Fred Help Save Christmas (Choose Your Own Adventure Series) - kindle ebook by Christina Johnson

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Just in time for Christmas! Join Joe the elephant, Sam the dog, and Fred the mouse in this Choose Your Own Adventure Christmas story.
Christmas Eve is near and Santa is nowhere to be found! It’s up to you to help decide how to save Christmas, so that children everywhere will wake up to gifts under the tree Christmas morning. Will you help Santa with his reindeer dilemma? Deliver gifts with Santa on snowmobiles? Give the elves a hand making gifts? Create the story as you go for a fun Christmas read that sparks the imagination!
Join Joe, Sam, & Fred on a Christmas adventure in the illustrated children's book, “Joe, Sam, & Fred Help Save Christmas”, book 1 in Christina Johnson’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” book series.
Ages 5-8 years.
A little more about the characters:
Meet Fred the mouse. He’s very tenacious, resourceful, and ambitious. His goal is to build the tallest cheese tower in the world…and then eat every last bite! Fred has two very good friends...
Meet Joe the elephant. He’s down-to-earth, dependable and a bit stubborn. (Don’t ever mess with a stubborn elephant!) He loves to hang out and make new friends any chance he gets!
And last (but certainly not least!)…..
Meet Sam the dog. He’s enthusiastic, adventurous, and independent. He just loves to play, play, play!
The three friends love to go on many adventures and hope that you will come along!