Learning To Play The Guitar - An Absolute Beginner's Guide kindle ebook by Anthony Pell

Learning to Play The Guitar – An Absolute Beginner's Guide is a
comprehensive book with 21 structured step-by-step lessons covering the following topics to get you playing the guitar:

- Learn the parts of the guitar, how to tune, guitar practice tips, how to
hold the instrument and the guitar pick.
- Chords – Learn all the main open string chords and be introduced to
power chords.
- Strumming & Rhythms – Learn common strumming patterns and how to practice rhythm and playing in time with a metronome.
- Arpeggios – This technique is used in thousands of songs sounding great in slow songs and ballads. A great example of an arpeggio on guitar is the introduction to “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin.
- Scales & Melodies – Learn single note technique and how scales are used to create melodies and guitar solos for a range of songs.
- Blues & Rock n Roll – Learn the structure of the 12 bar blues and how it relates to rock n roll and other styles of music including rock, soul and
- Improvising - Be introduced to improvising on the guitar and learn how
to make you own melodies and guitar solos in various songs.

The book also features:

- Extensive diagrams, photos and sheet music examples.
- 13 Songs to learn and play that include play along backing tracks.
- 74 audio files and backing tracks allowing you to hear each example
written in the book.
- 30 video lessons showing the guitar techniques and skills outlined in
the book.

The author Anthony Pell has taught thousands of guitar lessons and
hundred’s of guitar and bass guitar students in his hometown of Melbourne,

After helping many beginner guitar students to learn the basics of playing
the guitar he was inspired to use his extensive teaching experience to
write a book. The lessons and tips in the book are those that he teaches
his private students.

The book is designed to get you playing basic rock, pop, folk, country and
blues music. Learning to play guitar using the book requires no prior
musical or guitar knowledge as it's all explained to the reader in
structured lessons. So if you've always wanted to learn to play the guitar
this is the book for you.