Living the Thin Life - kindle ebook by Elle Meyer

Trying to lose weight? Or have you successfully lost weight and are now trying to maintain that ideal weight?

Living the Thin Life - Creative Ways to Maintain Your Weight for Life was written to help people like you. Every person is different, so everyone needs to develop his or her own personalized plan for fitness and weight maintenance. This book explains how to build that personal plan to take into account your unique eating personality. 

Take a quiz to find out if you’re a gorilla, lion, or one of the other 3 basic eating personalities. Then read on to find tips tailored for you on how to stay motivated, shave off calories, and work exercise into an everyday routine.

The author, Elle Meyer, lost weight fifteen years ago and came up with her own methods for keeping the weight off. She decided to tell her story and share strategies that really work. She interviewed many people who have lost and maintained weight and included their best ideas and suggestions. These tips are from real people, for real people. 

In addition to including common sense, effective diet techniques, Elle also describes some habits of her husband “Elvis”. These habits provide examples of what not to do when trying to maintain a healthy weight.

As an added bonus, you’ll get over 50 healthy, low calorie recipes.