Night Sea Journey, A Tale of the Supernatural Kindle Ebook by Paula Cappa

Are dreams illusions? Carl Jung said dreams carry a "supra-luminous
frequency that exceeds the speed of light." Are dreams supernatural?
In the haunted Abasteron House, artist Kip Livingston dreams of a
mysterious winged being, all bone and muscle and greedy teeth plunged
out. Until one night when her dreams break through the illusion and
the nightmares become reality.

Kip Livingston is a stunning young artist living alone in Abasteron
House on Horn Island, painting her dreams every day. But inside this
antique house by the sea, another power rules her nights. What does
this fierce winged creature want? Is it haunting her from the secrets
of her past ... or for her destiny? Raymond Kera, a priest exiled to
Horn Island, falls for the seductive Kip Livingston but risks his own
sanity when her nightmares invade his dreams. Come to Horn Island,
inside Abasteron House ... a tale of the supernatural where the Night
Sea Journey lives beneath the ghost-grey sea.

Night Sea Journey, A Tale of the Supernatural -- Angels and demons,
psychological twists, romance, and murder make this little
supernatural thriller a fast-paced read.

★★★★★ HELLHORROR REVIEW, 5-Thumbs Up "A page-turner. I loved it. I
would recommend this book to anyone who loves a great read, great
writer, awesome detailed characters, demons, angels."

HORROR-WEB.COM REVIEW "Beautifully told. Cappa is a skilled writer
producing beautiful prose with amazing imagery … "

MONSTER LIBRARIAN "Supernaturalism and dream theory, told in dreamy
colorful language, with deft characterizations. Highly recommended."

★★★★★ "Quite good and worthy of five stars. BRAVO."
"This is a must read for any fans of the supernatural."
"Just the right balance of terror and romance."
"This is a well-written story by an author with skill."
"This book was great I gotta read it again."