Surrender To You - a kindle ebook by C.S. Janey
Surrender To You (Pierced Hearts #1) has been described by varying reviewers as "amazing", "heartbreaking", "addictive", "heart-wrenching", a "fantastic read" with a "unique storyline", as well as a book that "broke the romance novel rules."

Told in first person, many people start off the book hating both main characters, Elizabeth (Ellie) and Stefan. I'll let you in on a little secret - This reaction is exactly what I was hoping for!!

Oftentimes, we don't know a whole situation. We are on the outside looking in and we don't have the whole back story. We don't know why a person acts the way they do and we are left confused and angry. We don't know why everything was fine one day and bam, our whole world has changed. The story jumps into the present, with little to no background info - on purpose!

Ellie goes through something that changes her whole life and leaves her in an ultimate state of vulnerability that she simply cannot find the strength to share, let alone move past. She shut everyone except one person out at the time, five years previously - and that one person has asked Ellie to come back home to visit because they are dying. But who makes the call to break the news? Ellie's ex-fiancé, Stefan Pierce - her first love who was left in the dark, ignorant of the reason why she pulled away and in the end, terminated their relationship.

The story unfolds. You get to see things from present day...and then, as the secrets of everyone are revealed, the parts of the puzzle start fitting together and you get the whole picture.
You may want to walk away after reading the beginning. Don't.
This story shocked even me as I wrote it. It began as one thing and ended completely different than I had planned.

And it has an ending that you will never see coming.
Even though it's first in a series, it's a standalone with an HEA. Later novels will feature secondary characters that you may also hate right now, but just wait!