The Road to London - kindle ebook by Adriano Bulla

Described as 'one of the greatest and darkest romance stories ever' by best-selling author Sarah Luddington, The Road to London is in a world of its own.
A world of its own like the one the nameless boy this story is about creates for himself to escape his own personality and sexuality in a bullying and hostile world. Dreams, lies, drugs, alcohol and hallucination replace reality till a spark of light starts shining in the boy's life, a light that comes through mental letters from the future, from another dimension, from the opposite of the 'grey city' where he lives, from a gay night club in London, where the alternative story of his life, the one with his great love, simply called My dear, takes place.
But My Dear is as capable of inflicting pain as the grey citizens of the grey city...
Light and colours come through this novel gradually and explode in a rainbow of brightness and hues at the end, where our boy can finally, maybe, find his own palette.
Poetry and prose dance a tango of love and rejection through the pages of this honest but beautiful novel, in a melange of genres that flows like the waves which rhythmically ebb and flow along the pages of a story not only unique, but universal, and written in a style that crosses the boundaries between prose and verse.
Reviewers have seen it as having 'all the qualities of a classic' (William Barrett on, 'beautiful', 'disarming' and 'surprising'.

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