Zon Recollections of an Alien - kindle ebook by Stus Rollins

Zon: the brilliant début novel by Stus Rollins is an unsettling and challenging read. It is the subversive and iconoclastic tale of an inter-galactic garbage collector who, while out on his rounds discovers the nascent Earth and unwittingly gets involved in its history and development, with profound and hilarious consequences. It travels from our early days of civilization, through recent times, far into the future, where a battle is raging for the soul of mankind between the malevolent forces of Kaplinsky, and his nemesis Nikamedes. Zon it seems, is the unwitting catalyst for everything, and maybe, in the end, its savior.

Featuring a rich tapestry of colourful characters and mind bending situations, the reader is kept on their toes continually. Part adventure story, part treatise, it seeks to debunk the myth of Christianity and hold up a light for the truth, by exploring how we became what we became, and how we might, in the future, find our own spectacular way out of our conundrum, and find answers to what ails us.

At once comic and thought provoking, futuristic yet recognizably contemporary, it has shades of both Arthur C Clarke and G I Gurdjieff. It's going to be quite a trip, so strap yourselves in and hold on tight.