A Tide of Shadows - by Tom Bielawski

A Tide of Shadows is the first installment of a series of epic high fantasy written in the Tolkien tradition. Follow the story of humble Carym of Hyrum as he is drawn into the world shattering plot of the vile god, Umber, and the dark wizard at the head of his army. More is afoot on the world of Llars than even Umber knows. Ancient races thought extinct are roam the world with powerful monsters at their beck and call, powerful immortals wreak havoc among the nations of men, an ancient magic lost to the world is found again, and the Chief God of Llars is preparing a reckoning for his wayward children.
What's lurking in your shadows?

"There are plenty of epic fantasies being made each year, and they all kind of get lost within each other....But after a few pages and evolution of characters and plotline, it was surprisingly fantastic... Like every fantasy, the author first begins by describing the characters and creating the image and feel of the world for the reader. After the author explained situations, he dove right into this complex story that I definitely wasn't expecting!" -  Five Star Amazon Review by "C"

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