Behind the Fence - kindle book by Paul Goss

After serving 20 years as a Prison Officer in the UK Prison Service I couldn't take no more. The day I walked out the door was the day I knew I'd had enough, I'd done my time. The fun times were great but were heavily outweighed by the bad. To keep myself awake on night shifts or hospital Bedwatches during those years, I would write. If I read a book at night I'd fall asleep for sure. So I passed my time by recording all the amusing anecdotes, the funny stories, serious assaults and attacks, anything really that stood out and made each day different from the last. 

80% of the stories in this book involved myself the rest involved my long suffering colleagues. After all this time, I never thought I would collect all my notes together and package them into this, my first book but here it is for all to see.

All the events in this book are true stories, I don't do fiction. I worked in some pretty awful places, some of the wings or house blocks not much better than a mental institution. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did recalling them.