By Their Rules - Kindle ebook by Roger A. Price

Are you sick of the really bad guys, always seeming to thwart justice? The British Prime Minister sure is. After the collapse of yet another high profile trial the Congolese warlord Shonbo Cabilla is released back onto the streets and as the cops move in again, eight are cruelly gunned down.

Cabilla is free again to continue his monstrous crime empire in London and Manchester, England where he intents to vastly increase his people trafficking operation.

The Brit Prime Minister sets up the Special Projects Unit, and hires retired Detective Sergeant John Burrows to work with ex-MI5 Operative Jane Lee: to go after those who are above the law; by operating outside the law.

Their first target is Cabilla and his organised crime group, their instructions clear; eliminate them, permanently.

What happens next will surprise you as this fast paced crime thriller unfolds. With twists and turns involving corrupt policemen, and wayward undercover cops to contend with, the story races to a conclusion that is far from certain.

Written by Roger A. Price, a retired detective inspector and covert policing and undercover expert, the realism stands out.

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