Heaven's Waiting Room - By Clare Wilson

The story follows the misadventures of an eighteen year old girl called Portia. It begins with Portia coming to the startling realisation that she is dead, and has been for some time. She had better get her act together if she doesn’t want her afterlife to pass her by.
A guide called Mary visits Portia to help her adjust and gives her the news that for her, this is it. Due to population increases over the last couple of centuries, the entry requirements for heaven have changed and Portia simply didn’t make the cut.
Forced to learn a whole new set of rules in a world which was already confusing, she ends up in all sorts of trouble including leading an evil ghoul back to her family home and falling in love for the first time. She also realises that even in the afterlife, if she is to adapt and try to be happy, she will need to deal with her past issues, including her parents messy divorce and how it connects to her untimely demise.
Her new world is turned upside down when she gets to witness someone crossing over. It awakens something inside her; a part of her soul which longs to find a way to sneak into heaven. When she finally gets there, she finds that it’s not all she thought it would be, and perhaps the life, love and friends she had back on earth weren’t quite so bad.

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